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FRESH: ‘Take Me Back To Forgiveness’ – Leonie Meijer

Leonie Meijer asks to “Take Me Back To Forgiveness”


This year, Dutch pop artist Leonie Meijer celebrates ten years since the release of her debut single, “Lost In Yesterday” and her album, “Los”.

Having released a number of standalone singles since her last studio album, “NJ123”, back in 2017, Leonie completes her first full decade with brand new music!

Her new single, “Take Me Back To Forgiveness”, is an upbeat pop track with a positive message for all of us, written by Leonie and produced by Swedish producer, Jörgen Ringqvist. It doesn’t stop there for the The 36 year old from Amsterdam, who is also an accomplished painter and has begun ‘exhibiting’ her work online, which also extends to the artwork for this new track.

Leonie says of the new single: “In forgiveness lies hope and in challenging times like these we need hope to survive. This is the message that lies in the heart of this energetic upbeat track. In times of crisis it’s easy to get frustrated or angry or feel trapped inside your thoughts, this song is saying that we should go back to a place of forgiveness, so we can hold on for the better days to come”. Amen to that.

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