FRESH: ‘Crossroads’ (EP) – Andreww

Andreww debuts his EP, “Crossroads”

Indie Pop

London based singer and songwriter Andreww has been working for more than a year on his music and turned up towards the end of 2020 with his debut single, “Talking To Myself”.

Two further releases have since followed in the build up to his debut EP, “Crossroads”, which features all three tracks plus the brand new and title track of the EP.

“Crossroads” is a really great pop-rock track with lots of energy and passion, a wicked beat and Andreww’s superb vocals, which could so easily pass off as a Bieber or Timberlake. “Crossroads” is the ultimate manifestation of Andreww’s musical soul searching, where anger and doubt erupt in a pop anthem positioned for the new generation. Not only that, the cover art fir the project has been designed by streetwear designer Verdy, who has an impressive social media following and will be sharing various bits and pieces throughout the campaign.

Andreww says of the new song: “It’s about making a decision and sticking to it. Two things can happen: It works or you learn something but as long as you just go for it everything will be fine. Life’s too short to wait for someone to make the decision for you”.

Blending electro-rock guitar sounds and a trippy-pop soundtrack (“Shadow Love”) to the grunge-pop of “Talking To Myself”, Andreww works each genre as if it was his own invention while his voice lays equally at ease with indie-rock as alt-pop and dark pop. This is an impressive first collection of rhymes and verses that is already making inroads across streaming and social media platforms as Andreww’s own personal ‘crossroads’ makes the right move and takes off at an alarming pace.

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