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FRESH: ‘Remote Control’ – Michael Antony

Michael Antony follows up with “Remote Control”


UK based electro pop artist Michael Antony made his debut earlier this year with “No Relax”. He’s following that with his brand new single, “Remote Control”, today.

This glorious retro synth wave number, probes deep into an electronic world 35 years ago with all the drama and foresight of a modern pop number.

In a world where technology is so prominent, will we ever let go of that remote?

“Remote Control” explores what it would be like to completely let go of your inner self. To allow someone else to take control of your mind, your body and your soul. Would it be a restrictive, traumatic experience? Arguably, the soul is the most deepest element of a persons existence, so be sure to remember that it might not be as easy to control as flicking a switch.

The song feels fluid with its continuous synth bass which compliments Michael’s wafer-thin and slight vocals, almost as if it had come out of a Tron like world of the mid-80’s and suddenly crept up on us in 2021 without any reflection on the years and decades in between. “Remote Control” will play well to those who rejoice at then music-now music as the darkness opens up and Michael’s child-like voice sweeps you off the reality ground and into an electric vortex and away to somewhere you’ve never been to or will never go.

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