Sabrina Johnston

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Sabrina Johnston

You all know how it goes: “Peace in the valley, peace in city, peace in your soul, yeah”

Can you still feel it, Sabrina Johnston?

Although she was born and based in The United States, it was internationally that singer Sabrina Gillison (b.1969) would become a successful artist in the early 1990’s, if only for a short while. Having attended university for singing and dance classes, she was signed by EastWest records in late 1990 and there she would meet the man she not only wrote her biggest hit and her signature anthem, but the man she would marry, producer Ken Johnston. Released in the Spring of 1991, “Peace” was written in the wake of the Gulf War earlier that year as a message of hope and, of course, peace. The song, amazingly, received no attention in America, except in small clubs and in independent record stores. Instead, it found its audience further afield, most notably in the UK.

“Peace” spun its way to No.8 on the UK singles chart and was also a minor hit in Sweden and Australia. Sabrina’s debut album of the same name soon followed, although this was not a hit anywhere, sadly. The follow up single, “Friendship”, did do something back home. It went to No.30 on the US dance chart. It also reached the top ten in Norway, although progress elsewhere was less well received, stopping at No.58 in the UK and No.64 in Australia. “I Wanna Sing”, the third single, did marginally better in the UK, reaching No.46 in early 1992, while Sabrina would attain only one further top 40 hit there, to date, with a double A side remix single along with Crystal Waters‘ “Gypsy Woman”, which would hit No.35 there.

Sabrina released the standalone singles “You Got Me (Love So Sweet)” in 1993, “Satisfy My Love” in 1994 and “Free, Gay & Happy” in 1995. The latter two were small time successes in the UK, both faltering short of the top 40. After a few years out and to write new material, Sabrina returned with a follow up album, “Yum Yum”, in 1996. The lead single, “Reasons”, returned her to the US dance chart for the second and final time that year (No.31), while both it and the album flopped and there were no further singles offered. Sabrina provided ‘guest backing vocals’ on Fugee Lauryn Hill’s (what happened to her?) debut album, “The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill”, in 1998, before slipping out of the limelight once more.

She released the single “Lift You Up” in 2001 and has since provided vocals for a number of dance acts ever since including 2’s Company (“Shine”, 2004), Midnight Express (“Freedom” in 1997 and “Music” in 2010) and Luis Radio (“Spirit” in 2005 and “Hope & Faith” in 2007). She reunited with Midnight Express in 2016 for the track “The Future Is Today” and released her own single, “We’ve Only Just Begun”. later that same year. Sabrina’s most recent recording was “Forever Dreaming” in 2017, while she continues to be much sought after for house and dance festivals as well as club appearances across America, bringing ‘friendship’ to all and ‘peace’ to every valley, city and soul that she can find. Yeah!

Sabrina Johnston

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