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FRESH: ‘Sleepless Nights’ – Prolific Official

Prolific Official returns with “Sleepless Nights”

Neo Soul

The artist known as Prolific Official has just released her brand new single, “Sleepless Nights”, her first since “Kissing On Your Tattoos”, two years ago.

Born and raised in the East of London. Prolific is a British singer/songwriter who has been recording for the last three years she has been building rebirth of her new sound.

Prolific’s mother was a singer in the 80’s, so music was a big part of her growing up. A good artist doesn’t need to give positive messages. Prolific writes her life’s experiences she tells it like it is which makes her very special.

“Sleepless Nights” an authentic Neo Soul Track. Her voice is sultry bringing back that old school vibe…and the video is pretty impressive too! Check out out:

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