FRESH: ‘Alone By Night’ – Lavara

Lavara is “Alone By Night”


Synth and Electro French songwriter and producer Lavara made his debut last year with “Blue Night Sickness”. He followed that with “So Long” and “”It’s Time To” earlier this year.

His third single, the sometimes trippy, synthwave tune “Alone By Night” is his latest and it’s quite a feast to digest and understand.

Lavara’s autotuned vocals are in keeping with this sometimes early 80’s sounding track but with a very futuristic angle to it and an almost steely coldness to the sound and arrangement of this very different and quite unique recording.

Lavara is the production project of Bruno Levesque, who works alone. “Alone By Night” was recorded in his home studio near to Paris. The song is about losing someone, not for real but because of the distance. The love for this person will not be impacted. Nothing will be the same from now on.

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