FRESH: ‘Keep It A Secret’ – Eliz Baya

Eliz Baya wants to “Keep It A Secret”


Eliz Baya has had a busy 2021 so far with two singles already out off the back of her 2020 debut, “Walls So High”. Her latest, “Keep It A Secret”, is possibly her best yet.

Born in Slovakia and now based in London, Eliz quickly made contacts which lead to her recording her debut EP, “New Life”, released only two months ago.

Now Eliz blesses us with new music off the back of that and “Keep It A Secret” is such a cool, understaded pop track with a wicked beat and Eliz’s sharp, witty lyrics that will make this track a must-listen to this Summer…and the accompanying video too, all created and produced by Eliz independently as she takes control of her own career and destiny whilst aiming ever higher with each new release.

Eliz says she uses her voice to tell stories while making people dance. Having been an actress, she feels she can express herself through music with ease whilst her multicultural thinking has shaped her voice from playing live and touring internationally. With “Keep It A Secret”, Eliz will, I am sure, attract many new fans and we cannot wait to hear what comes next from this exciting new talent who seems full of energy and ready to move on to the next big thing straight away.

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