FRESH: ‘Polish Flowers’ – KAJA

KAJA releases “Polish Flowers”


R&B/Soul singer-songwriter KAJA enthrals with her new single, “Polish Flowers”, the follow up to last year’s “New Love” and her earlier debut.

The Poland born singer, who now resides in Glasgow, blends a myriad of sounds into one and leaves an indent with her distinctive vocal tone.

Delving deep and exploring existence, KAJA searches for something new but realises that there is no place like home. Influenced by the likes of Jorja Smith and Jhene Aiko, KAJA takes hint but creates a unique soundscape of her own.

The music is empowering with an ethereal piano which paves the way forward ahead of KAJA’s harmonically rich vocal performance. The track blossoms like a spring flower as it progresses, with a sprinkle of jazz and pop adding weight to the foundation. So, looking for the most beautiful RnB/ Soul? Look no further than “Polish Flowers” by KAJA.

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