FRESH: ‘Summer Fling’ – Honey

Honey want a “Summer Fling”


Swedish duo Honey – Miranda Öhman and Magda Skyllbäck – release their gorgeous new disco-pop single, “Summer Fling”, the follow up to “When Harry Met Sally”.

For their fourth single, Honey take us back to the days of disco funk mixed with late 80’s pop with a cool, soothing, Summery beat and their own ‘girly’ vocals.

Honey started singing and performing together when they met for the first time whilst studying in London in 2014. They finally released their debut single, “Give Me Love”, last year. All four tracks will feature on their upcoming debut EP, “Sweet Like”, which has been in the works for a couple of years now with “Summer Fling” having been written by Miranda some time ago.

The girls really liked the song and wanted to reproduce it. They worked on it together with their close friend Isaac Shalam who is producing and co-writing their songs. Together with him, the new “Summer Fling” was born. Check out the music video for “Summer Fling” and all their other retro pop releases, from a duo that sound ABBA-ish, but very definitely are not! Do it all again, girls!

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