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FRESH: ‘Apartment Flaws’ (EP) – Valley Sixteen

Valley Sixteen debuts her EP, “Apartment Flaws”


South African born, German based singer and songwriter Valley Sixteen has released three debut tracks this year and now she follows this introduction with her five track EP.

“Apartment Flaws” brings together five songs made on apartment floors all over the world, from her hometown of Cape Town, Johannesburg to Heidelberg, Munich and Frankfurt.

The EP opens with “Borderline”, a much stronger and harsher track than its Madonna namesake and immediately you are enticed into Valley Sixteen’s dark world of electro sounds and honest, forthright lyrics. Valley write the song personally about her own mental health in a relationship and taking ownership of her own ‘borderline’. The short yet effective “Icy” builds on the drama and evolves into a dark, pulsating beat as she delivers her simple message aimed at one person in particular.

“Sad Eyes” trippy beat also hides a certain sincerity in Valley’s voice, never allowing anger into her tone, the end result is that her words are ultimately more effective. The oft-gorgeous “Fake” is another song that has a darker story to tell and Valley does not mind her language when she tells it and her own feelings on a social situation may of us have faced. Valley slows it down slightly for the final track, “Everybody Knows”, as others see ourselves and how we are, no frills and nothing to hide behind. Acceptance. For who and what we are. take it or leave it. The choice is yours…

Valley says of her EP: “All of the tracks on the EP are extremely personal – from “Icy” diving into falling in love with someone who fears commitment, to “Sad Eyes” touching on a story about a close family member who was cheated on and abandoned. “Fake” touches on realizing that all of your closest friendships were never close at all, and “Everybody Knows” reminds me that it’s okay to be hard to love”. See what you think from this promising new talent as she makes a more that solid entrance with the first of many releases yet to come from the next new best thing!

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