FRESH: ‘Diamond Studded Shoes’ – Yola

Believe Yola’s new single “Diamond Studded Shoes”!


She’s British, but it’s The States that have taken a shine to her. Yolanda Quartey was born in Bristol but she records in Nashville and already has 4 Grammy nominations to her name.

Yola released her debut album, “Walk Through Fire”, in 2019 and she’s about to follow that up with “Stand For Myself”, from which she releases an incredible first single.

And it simply has to be heard to be believed! “Diamond Studded Shoes” is music as it used to be but refreshingly modern. It’s Blues. It’s Soul. It’s Country. It’s pretty much everything and the one thing binding it all together is Yola’s astonishing voice. It’s one of those once-in-a-generation voices that stands out from the crowd and with a song like “Diamond Studded Shoes”, this will hopefully bring Yola right out into the public domain and make a global star of her, just like Lizzo has already achieved.

It’s hardly surprising to learn that Australian film director Baz Luhrmann has cast her in his new biopic of Elvis Presley in the role of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, known as ‘the Godmother of rock and roll’ and cited as one of the main influences on the young Elvis when he began his musical journey. For “Walk Through Fire”, Yola has reteamed with producer Dan Auerbach along with an impressive list of contributors including Nick Movshon (Amy Winehouse), Sam Bacco (Johnny Cash) and singer Brandi Carlile, who features on the song “Be My Friend”.

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