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FRESH: ‘Fine To Be Frightened’ – Kodak Ghosts

Kodak Ghosts say it’s “Fine To Be Frightened”


Glasgow based duo Kodak Ghosts, which comprises Erin and Sabrina, have just released their superb new single, “Fine To Be Frightened”, only their third to date.

The pair got together three years ago and made their debut in 2019 with “Truth Is A Beautiful Girl” and followed this last year with “Till The Morning Comes”.

“Fine To Be Frightened” is a great, 90’s feeling anthem with one of those feel-good choruses with a positive message sung with gusto and against a backdrop of guitars and instrumentation to lift anyone that is suffers anxiety over how their life if shaping and where it is going. The song lyrically highlights a more serious issue that effects many people young and old – Fear, whether it be of the future, choices we have to make, exams, even how we fit in.

The girls tells us: “In the age of social media, there’s a crushing pressure to always be ‘living your best life’. We’re expected to be productive, inspiring, and positive at all times, which can be really detrimental to our mental health. It takes a lot of strength and courage for a person to admit they’re not okay, that they’re struggling and don’t have it all together – and thats fine, We want people to realise that although it may not seem they are reaching certain goals, they’re on the way no matter where they are”.

Kodak Ghosts have already received support in Scotland from the BBC and national newspapers, now they want their new anthem to reach out to a wider audience, allow you to be honest with yourself and others, whilst at the same time as producing a really great track to sing-a-long to and love for it’s catchyness and it’s broad appeal to anyone that just loves a really good, solid pop song.

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