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FRESH: ‘London Baby’ – Andrei Lucas

Andrei Lucas releases his debut album, “Paradise Passé”

Electro Pop

London based singer and songwriter Andrei Lucas has just released his debut album, “Paradise Passé”, from which we feature the funky, cool dance track, “London Baby”.

Since his debut in 2019 with “Real Life”, Andrei has been working on his first long player and has come up with seven new tracks and three remixes.

“London Baby” is a slinky electro-pop/dance track written and co-produced with London producer, Andrei Sora and is inspired by the vibrance of the capital and what it represents for the young people moving out to the big city. The track and the accompanying video is just one of a handful of smooth, late night mood music, highlights include “Second Thoughts” and “Broken Hearts In Paris”. Originating from Eastern Europe, Andrei found London and its atmosphere an inspiration to his songwriting, the people and the culture can be found in each track as well as his own recent battle with cancer and the aftermath of chemotherapy.

Of “London Baby”, Andrei takes up the story behind the track: “The story of the song follows the idea of a small town boy/girl coming to the city to make it big and fighting to succeed in an unforgiving place. At the same time, the track is uplifting and is meant to become an anthem to the young people struggling to find their way, and trying to feel included. Because at the end of the day everyone is a London baby even if you weren’t born there, but your dreams and aspirations follow you relentlessly and you chase them in a city that never sleeps, a city that can take so much from you but also give you a lot”.

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