Parris Mitchell

FRESH: ‘Charger’ – Parris Mitchell

Parris Mitchell releases “Charger”

Synth Pop

NY based singer and songwriter, Parris Mitchell, has just released his third solo single, the synth-heavy, sublime, Summer-loving, “Charger”.

The follow up to last year’s debuts, “Specifically U” and “Bad Place”, is sometimes hard hitting but deeply honest and infuriatingly catchy with it!

Parris’ open and heartfelt lyrics throughout the short but telling story of this wildly passionate and ethereal track really captures you and grabs you as Parris continues to develop his own solo career away from the confinds of his rock/pop band, Night Without Cars, dealving into different styles and genres and applying his writing and vocal skills more than admirably, as if he had always been working this way.

“Charger”‘s simplicity and class are a major player in this new offering from the artist who blames Charlie Puth and LANY for this new injection of sound. With enforced lockdown, Parris has created a new avenue for himself and is clearly enjoying writing tracks, perhaps he never would have thought possible. So if you think you know Parris or Night Without Cars’ music well, then think again. Plug in “Charger” and kick back to something way different and stylised and hope that Parris continues down this road for some time yet. Next up, bro…?

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