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FRESH: ‘Soldiers’ – Dan Zimmerman

Dan Zimmerman debuts with “Soldiers”


Brooklyn, NY singer and songwriter Dan Zimmerman makes a bold and solid entrance with his debut single, “Soldiers”, ‘regimented’ pop in tune with the song’s title.

“Soldiers” has cleverly been released ahead of LGBTQ+ Pride Month in June and follows the familiar tale of the playfulness of a budding Summer romance.

Dan doesn’t let the simple stop-start electro pop backing track hide his deep and bold vocal, reminiscent of Sam Sparro at his best, with a positive message for Pride as well as giving a nod to the homoerotic camaraderie among Ancient Greek warriors, apparently! Dan is no stranger to the New York scene and having established himself as a performer for some time, now ‘unleashes’ his own self-written tracks on us all and there’s more yet to come from this promising artist!

Dan explains the song in better detail: “I had spent quite a lot of time swimming through an expanse of meaningless hookups and empty first dates when I finally came across a spark. ‘Soldiers’ aims to capture that feeling of excitement and possibility that comes with starting something fresh with someone new, and all of the obsession and bruising that comes with it. The concept gives a nod to the Ancient Greek battlefield and the homoerotic camaraderie among soldiers (described in Homer as “beloved companionship”). I think I was particularly enchanted by the word play of fighting ‘with’ and ‘for’ someone”.

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