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COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Elizabeth Taylor’

The song, “Elizabeth Taylor”, was originally recorded by Clare Maguire in 2016

“Elizabeth Taylor” is a song written and performed by British singer Clare Maguire for her second studio album, “Stranger Things Have Happened”, in 2016. It was released as the lead single, prior to the album, in March and centres on the loss of a loved one. Gaining critial acclaim for its production, “Elizabeth Taylor” was a surprising hit in France upon release.

The song has been covered by Will Young for his 2021 album, “Crying On The Bathroom Floor” and released as the second single in May 2021. Young said of his choice: “I loved the idea of creating an album that celebrates some of the modern female artists I so admire in pop. In today’s times it’s so much easier and accepted to occupy other genders, ideas and explore new avenues. I wanted to understand what it might be like to sing their lyrics”.

But whose version is the best? CLARE’s original or WILL’s cover?

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