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FRESH: ‘Drown’ – Tori Boltwood

Tori Boltwood attempts not to “Drown”


US singer Tori Boltwood has been busy since her debut last year with “Breakup Call”. She’s already released three tracks this year and “Drown” is the fourth.

Her deep, romantic vocal instantly catches you attention in the catchy pop ballad with a growing beat to develop into a haunting down-tempo tune.

With atmospheric and echoy backing and secondary vocals, “Drown” takes the view of modern love and literally ‘dives’ deeper into it. Searching for hope and depth in sometimes a rather shallow world of love. Texan Tori says the writing of this song was very intimate, poetic and authentic. Taking her own personal fear of ‘modern’ love and bringing back a sense of fantasy and magic to her own view of love. Think Julee Cruise meets Julia Fordham and you’re kinda there. There are elements of the 80’s and 90’s in there and you can also hear theme song to a TV drama series beckoning too!

Tori tells her story: “I make music that is very heavy in storytelling because of my musical theater background. Hence my version of indie pop is saturated with theatrical vibes. I am also always being moved musically by the artists of today that stand in their originality. Artists that make the choice to be true to their indiviudality even if it separates themselves from mainstream music. Such as Isak Danielson, Billy Raffoul, Spencer Sutherland, Sasha Sloan, Forest Blakk and Alec Benjamin. All theses artists have really risen into the music public eye but for many of them I have followed and listened along since very early on in their careers in music. I want to be an artist that defines herself and is never defined by the industry or falls into just one catagory or metaphorical ‘box’ musically. To me the artists I listed above show me that is possible. They influence me to hopefully one day be able to help others believe in their own ability to be an original”.

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