FRESH: ‘Lovely’ – Serene

Serene releases “Lovely”!

R&B Pop

Ghanaian-American born singer Serene, has released her first new music of 2021 with her ‘lovely’ new track, “Lovely”! A groovy R&B tune with Summer vibes right through.

Since making her debut in 2019 with “Reckless Behavior”, Serene has released two further singles with “Lovely”, produced by Venis, as her most seductive yet.

Raised in Dallas and now based in LA, Serene recorded “Lovely” in her bedroom, before sending it to Venis to add the sexy beat. “Lovely” is about being stuck in that illusive “talking phase”. As good as you feel with someone, all you really want is to define the relationship. “Lovely” moves through these thoughts of excitement, confusion and impatience where you’ve been “playing for so long… waiting for someone to be the strong one”, eventually progressing to the point where you understand where you’re at in that relationship.

Serene adds about the track: “‘Lovely’ was such a collaborative effort. I was able to meet some amazing people throughout this process and the result was a song that I’m extremely proud of. With Venis as the producer and Jeff Turner as the mix engineer, I really think we did some good work. When I wrote the lyrics to this song, I was in such a confusing place in my relationship and I felt that that feeling of uncertainty was something that many other people could connect with. Lovely is the culmination of hard work, creativity and heart, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!”.

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