FRESH: ‘Shiine On’ – Lemon

Lemon say “Shiine On”!

Indie Pop

Dutch band Lemon have released new music, “Shiine On”, their first of 2021 and they have ropped in Cath Coffey of 90’s band Stereos MC’s on vocals!

“Shiine On” is a great 90’s sounding funky-pop number, in the style of Primal Scream meets Stone Roses from a band who have nearly two decades of solid releases behind them.

“Shiine On” has a more psychedelic, meditative feel, culminating in a spacey guitar solo in the finale. It is the fourth single released following Lemon’s fifth album, “The Fifth Of Lemon”, in 2019. 2020 saw “Love Can Take You Places”, “Stuck In The Middle With You” and “One Way Street” as standalone releases, Yet despite albums and singles flowing since 2003, the band have been described as “one of the biggest hidden gems within the kingdom of The Netherlands”!

Perhaps that can all change with this new single as all early 90’s fans of British indie music will appreciate the sound and production of “Shiine On” as well as its freshness in the early 2020’s. It’s a great Summer festival anthem and one to just ‘mong’ out to at any time of the day or night! So, “shiiiiiiiiiiine on” you groovy people!

Lemon are Mark ‘Bong The Bass’ Bongers (bass, vocals), Paul Hesen (drums, vocals), Ralf Hesen (guitars, vocals) and Thomas Gense (guitars, keyboards, percussion, vocals).

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