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FRESH: ‘Summertime’ – Mundo Park

Mundo Park celebrate “Summertime”!

Indie Pop

Dutch band Mundo Park are back and ready for a rebirth with a brand new song, “Summertime”, which sees them hook up with Michael de Roos.

“Summertime” is a great indie-pop, ‘summery’ anthem to shake all the lockdown cobwebs away and celebrate better, happier times, and the band have lots more to come.

“Summertime”, with eleven other new songs, all to be released on the first of every month, will form their new album, “MMXXI”, which is already taking shape!. The band’s genre can be classified as indie rock but their new music is more playful, pure and diversified then before. All songs on the album are made to reflect the ambiance of that particular month and season. To make the music as well as the process most meaningful, the three band members did all of the writing, recording, producing and mixing themselves. In their practice studio and at home.

Formed in 2017, the band soon released their debut album, “Promise Of The Night”. Not long after, the five lives of the band members didn’t fit together in one band anymore. In this uncertain period three band members continued to write and produce music just because they wanted to. As they met in high school they’ve been exploring musical boundaries for 20 years now. After serious soul-searching the three friends realised that continuing together as Mundo Park is most essential to them. Therefore in 2021 Mundo Park returns as a trio.

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