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FRESH: ‘Prey’ – Pirates Of Radio

Pirates Of Radio seek “Prey”

Electro Pop

Newly established collective, Pirates Of Radio, have just released their ‘spooky’, trippy new single, “Prey”, their fourth since they debuted last year with “Beehive Riot”.

Pirates Of Radio are an experimental quartet who stretch from Frankfurt to Dubai and Thailand to blend deep, electro-dance vibes with sounds that echo each culture.

“Prey” explores a new musical direction for the band in both sound and production. The vision and tone creates a very hypnotic soundscape, with some Thai vocal samples weaved in to echo Thailand-based lyricist Ramon’s haunting words.

The band best describe the story and basis of the song: “A train pulled in, and out of one of the first class carts got off a man with sleek hair in a neat white suit. Crocodile leather shoes. Manicured nails. Soft skin. Crocodile leather briefcase. The two characters made eye contact, the man approached the child and opened his briefcase. A ray of light escaped and time stopped, except for these two. The man put on one surgical glove and mask, took the child’s hand, and they walked out of the train station – never to be seen again”.

“‘Prey’ is about twisted people on the prowl, always looking for the next victim – almost always people in unfortunate situations who have no other choice but to accept their fate. This can extend to human trafficking, prostitution, forced labour/slavery, CEOs in big companies taking advantage of their work force, animal cruelty, etc”.

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