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FRESH: ‘Work It Out’ – Colin and The Clouds

Colin and The clouds can “Work It Out”

Electro Pop

Swedish duo Colin and the Clouds – Matteus Willysson (drums and percussion) and Harald Eliasson (guitar, synth, vocals) – have just released their brand new tune, “Work It Out”.

Electro and synth heavy, this deep, dark pulsating number is the pair’s fourth release of this year and follows “Clouds” as the duo continue to thrill and captivate.

Formed two years ago, Matteus and Perc made their debut last year with “Glass Hall” and have experimented and perfected their sound and written so much material, they are releasing a new song every month this year! “Work It Out” is inspired by nordic melancholy, countered by a playful chorus. The lyrics are based upon an idea of a toxic relationship where one part is dependant on the other’s approval, scared of sorting problems out because they might lose their lover. The subject don’t want to work it out, risking a break up/loss of a partner.

Having spent more than a year confined to writing and recording, the boys can’t wait to get out and take their music to the people. They tell us: “We also have a very nice looking light show ready for tour when clubs open. Everything is tempo synced with fog, strobe, colours and blinders to create a vibrant atmosphere. We are graduated light and sound engineers so this setup will not disappoint!”.

With a slight retro sound with a modern electro feel that instantly attracts your attention, Colin and The Clouds are ones to keep an eye on this year, especially if you’re into electro heaven! The pair also told us: “We have improved our skills working on this song. The guitar arrangement was kind of new to us, we also tried a lot with the drum production and it finally turned out as good as we imagined. Oh yes, and we also added a lot of frying pans/pots and metallic objects in the second pre-chorus. The trained ear will notice!” Go kitchen objects!

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