FRESH: ‘So Sober’ – Valencia

Valencia return with “So Sober”

Electro Pop

LA based electro-pop duo Valencia (Jadeyn Madsen and Lou Courts) are back with theie stunning new single, “So Sober”!

Renowned for their emotional candour and vivid storytelling, the duo are back with more new material following a flurry of releases throughout 2020 which have seen them truly establish themselves on an international level with over a million streams.

Working with producer Alex Angelo, “So Sober” brings together the pairs pinpoint twin vocals over a mix of soft piano and dappled electronics and strings to create a stylistic, melancholic soundscape akin to Oh Wonder, before breaking out into a four to the floor dance beat.

Speaking on the new single Valencia say: “This song is for anyone who’s ever been going through it. ‘So Sober’ is about working through the hardship; coming back from the low points in life (losing a job, or a terrible breakup) and when you’re trying to drown it all out, you find someone or something that makes you want to keep going”.

Valencia already have more releases in the works and, big plans for the coming months!

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