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FRESH: ‘I’ll Be Ur Angel’ – Mia Madden

Mia Madden releases “I’ll Be Ur Angel”


Rising US star Mia Madden releases another slice of dream-pop today with her stunning and capticating new single, “I’ll Be Ur Angel”, her third of 2021.

The follow up to “Treat Me Like U Did” and “1-800 Runaway” is a floaty and completely intoxicating experience for the listener as you feel ten times lighter having heard it!

The song is pure fantasy that promotes feminine empowerment and positivity through healing. Mia uses a soft symphony synth to express the hurt and pain she endured from verbal and sexual abuse. There is a music video lined up for release in another seven days time as Mia herself is set to star multiple women with artistry inspired by Solange.

Having made her debut in 2020 with “Imminent Euphoria”, Mia is creating a beautiful new and atmospheric world to view 21st century pop music, that doesn’t always have to be a torant of sounds and vocals. Pop can be shadows and echoes and chilled out moods with a minimalistic approach but with maximum effect and sounding a million dollars. This is the world of Mia Madden and she’s aching to be heard by you! Let life’s troubles leave you for time and ‘escape’ into Mia’s world. Dive into “I’ll Be Ur Angel” and swim through thick clouds of harmonies and fluffy sounds. This is truly sublime.

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