Steve Winwood

COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Valerie’ (Winwood/Prydz)

The song, “Valerie”, was originally recorded by Steve Winwood in 1982

“Valerie” (the other “Valerie”) was written by Steve Winwood and Will “My Heart Will Go On” Jennings for Winwood’s 1982 album, “Talking Back To The Night”. It was released as the third single in October 1982 but was not a huge hit, peaking at No.70 in the US and No.51 in the UK. It was only after the release of a best of in 1987 that the song received wider appreciation and only then after some reproduction work. The ‘new’ version charted at No.9 Stateside and No.19 back home in the UK.

Swedish DJ and producer Eric Prydz (b.1976) essentially covered the song when he used the vocals and harmony for his re-titled single “Call On Me” in 2004. The dance track, with its memorable exercise video, topped the charts around the world including the US dance chart and the UK singles chart, bringing Winwood’s classic to a whole new audience, and not for the first time!

But which version is the best? WINWOOD’s original or PRYDZ’s dance cover?

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