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FRESH: ‘Carefree’ – Sam Dickinson

Sam Dickinson returns, “Carefree”!

Pop, Soul

Our good friend Sam Dickinson has just released the latest single from his current album, “Off Script“, it’s a cover and it’s also undergone a facelift!

“Carefree” is Sam’s interpretation of a Mica Paris single from 1998 from her album, “Black Angel”. Whilst it was not a hit by Mica’s standards, the song and the album received critical acclaim.

Sam has given the album track an overhaul into something quite funky and retro, almost a million miles away from Mica’s original, making the song his own. 80’s vocalisations and space-age sounds accompany the deep, atmospheric bass and beat of this new working. Sam’s now all too familiar voice layers over and above the soundtrack, sometimes with confidence, sometimes with a spooky-edge to it. This new mix blends disco and retro synthwave sounds that should please a very broad range of music fans and I definitely recommend this at least two of three spins to fully appreciate the new sound.

Following on from his singles “Cry Wolf”, “Diamond Skin”, “Missing” and “Nothing’s True”, Sam released his second studio album, “Off Script” last year and he’s hoping to tour later this year-2022 at the same time as a re-issue of the album along with some more awesome remixes of the singles and other tracks. Make sure you check out our appraisal of “Off Script” and all we have on Sam, which is quite extensive now, as we continue to follow this promising and ever growing young man on his way to bigger and better times. You rock Sam!

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