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FRESH: ‘One Step Closer’ – Debbie Gibson

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Remember “Shake Your Love”? “Foolish Beat”? “Electric Youth”? All big late 80’s hits for American chart star Debbie Gibson. Well she’s back with a new song and a new album!

Having dropped out of the spotlight for many years in the 1990’s and early 00’s, Debbie made her comeback in 2019 with a brand new track, the sassy “Girls Night Out“.

She hooked up with NKOTB Joey McIntyre recently for a duet version of her 1989 US number one, “Lost In Your Eyes“, but with the announcement that her first studio album of fresh material in TWENTY years is on the way (“The Body Remembers”) Debbie has launched her latest single in a bid to win back her pop princess crown. “One Step Closer” is an uptempo dance-pop track with sparkling vocals and a video that sees Debbie virtually ageless, more than thirty years after she made her debut, and clearly enjoying herself making a pop video, just as she did back then.

I can think of only one other artist who spans that amount of time and still looks utterly sensational, perhaps more so today than ever before, but then again I’m just being biased(!) “One Step Closer” makes the thought of a new Debbie Gibson album one to look out for. Can she rekindle those halcyon days of the “Out Of The Blue” and “Electric Youth” albums once more, just as less than a handful of other 80’s stars have been able to do, four decades later? Well, judging by the poptastic approach of this latest offering, Debbie stands a good chance of getting her name back out there and hopefully winning a few new fans of a younger generation at the same time.

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