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From Grange Hill to the pop charts and America, ‘take this time’ to remember Sean Maguire – the music years.

Like Michelle Gayle, who we have featured in another article, Sean Maguire (b.1976) went from kids TV into a brief recording career and out the other side. But to what? The London born actor turned singer made his debut aged just 7 years old and not only that, but in a Monty Python films as well! He was one of the many children in the section of the 1983 picture, “The Meaning Of Life” and can be seen in the ‘classic’ musical number, “Every Sperm Is Sacred”! Following a number of smaller assignments, Sean landed the role of ‘Tegs’ in the long running children’s TV drama, Grange Hill (1988-1991), where he acted alongside Gayle. He followed her into the adult soap opera Eastenders in 1993, but after a year, he was off to appear in the drama series Dangerfield.

It was at this time, Sean branched out into singing and again, followed Gayle into the recording studio. He released his debut single, “Someone To Love”, in the Summer of 1994 and it reached No.14. The follow up, “Take This Time”, was less successful (No.27) as was his self-titled debut album, released at the end of the year, which barely scrapped the very bottom of the UK album chart. The singles proved more popular on their own and Sean was back in the top twenty in early 1995 with “Suddenly” (No.18), the third and final track to be lifted from his album. Hurried production began on a follow up that same year with a brand new track, “Now I’ve Found You”, coming that Summer (No.22) and a cover of The Real Thing’s “You To Me Are Everything” (No.16).

1996 would, perhaps, become his best year of all with “Good Day” peaking at No.12, his highest attained chart position and “Don’t Pull Your Love” (No.14) and even his second album, “Spirit”, managed to do a little better than its predecessor when it made No.43! Sean released a new single, “Today’s The Day”, in 1997, and this would prove to be his last. And in reaching No27, it also meant that all eight of Sean’s singles made the UK top thirty. And that was it for his time as a teen pop heartthrob. Sean returned to acting in 1997, notably appearing in the ill fated British series, Sunburn in 2000. Sean lest the UK for America the following year, where he has become something of a star turn, both on television and in the cinema. He starred in three successful shows between 2001 and 2007 before shocking everyone with his beefy new look in the film, ‘Meet The Spartans’, in 2008.

In 2013, Sean took the much worn role of Robin Hood in the TV series, Once Upon A Time, which ran for five years until 2018. Recent works have seen him take roles in the post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama series The 100 (2019-20) and The Magicians (2020), the year that he gained citizenship of The United States. He married police officer Tanya Flynn in 2012 and the couple have three children. Whether he returns to Britain or even pick up a microphone ever again remains to be seen, but we can always remember a time when Tegs took this time on top of the pops!

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