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FRESH: ‘Love Like That’ – Lola Lennox

Lola Lennox launches “Love Like That”


Hot on the heels of “Wherever You Go” and “La La Love Me“, Lola Lennox has just released her third new single of 2021, the funky “Love Like That”, which is produced by Braeden Wright and mum, Annie!

“Love Like That” is written by Lola with Mischa Mandal and Steve Rusch, and is a playful, percussive-led Summer banger-in-the-making brimming with upbeat intention..

The song has been inspired by Lola’s own experience it expresses the highlights of finding something or someone in life that just feels “right” and encourages us to let our guard down and find self-acceptance.

“When I make music, I hope to create something authentically me, something that captures the essence of a feeling or story from my life” she says. “For me, making music is my quest toward being myself, and finding that through the subtle art of melody, lyrics and production. By embracing who we are, we are then able to live in the moment, to let go of our inhibitions, and feel 100% confident in our own skin. ‘Love Like That’ doesn’t only have to mean romantic love, it’s also an expression for having passion toward life, chasing the things that light us up and just being our own unique selves. Expressing a sense of joyous and spontaneous freedom, it makes you want to kick back and drink a cocktail in the sunshine”.


The accompanying music video for Lola’s “Love Like That” is directed by Emmy-nominated and award winning South African director Natalie Johns (Sam Smith, Annie Lennox, Theophilus London), who also directed the music video for “Wherever You Go”. Nodding to the fact that, like most of us, Lola has been stuck inside a lot this past year, the video follows her hit the road in a box truck. Determined to kickstart everyone’s weekend on the right note, she makes her way from Hollywood Boulevard and the walk of fame to Downtown LA, stopping along the way to treat passers-by to an impromptu live performance accompanied by dancers and a booming soundsystem.

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