Where Are They Now

PLAYLIST: Where Are They Now?

Where Are They Now?

Where are the stars of yesterday, today?

Our phenomenally successful series Where Are They Now? traces the chart history of all those artists you remember from years ago, but are about no longer.

Where did they go? Why don’t you hear about them anymore?

What are they doing now?

Chart stars from the 80’s, 90’s and even some from the 21st century that have come and gone and vanished.

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In some cases they may not want to be found, while some have just taken to an easy life on the sofa.

Many are still slaving away in the studio to bring you new music and some are still out there performing at festivals and small gigs for the die-hard fans that still want to hear their classic hits, even if everyone is now 30 or 40 years older!

Every year we countdown the most wanted, the most missed and the most popular with our end of year feature The Ones You Miss The Most, so you can see the bands and artists that are still held in high regard and the ones that people are just aching to hear from again, even if we’ve knocked on the door and been told to go away!

Have a listen to the fab video mix above which features some of those we have profiled and don’t forget, there’s a new one every Saturday afternoon. Who will it be next week? As 90’s duo Banderas remind us, “This Is Your Life”!