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COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Baby Love’ (Regina vs Dannii)

The song, “Baby Love”, was originally recorded by Regina in 1986

Stephen Bray (Madonna), Mary Kessler and singer Regina (Richards, b.1962) co-wrote the song, “Baby Love”, for her debut album, “Curiosity”. “Baby Love” was released as the lead single, and thus her debut single, in May 1986, reaching No.10 on the US singles chart and topping the Club chart. It went on to peak at No.20 in Canada and No.50 in the UK.

Australian singer Dannii Minogue recorded a version for her debut album, “Love And Kisses”, in 1990. Thanks to a much better and more solid remix and reproduction by legendary DJ and producer Steve ‘Silk’ Hurly, the song underwent a major overhaul when released as a single in October 1991, reaching No.14 in the UK this time and No.26 in her home country.

But whose version is the best? REGINA’s original or DANNII’s cover?

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