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Eagle-Eye Cherry had to fall in love again to save tonight, but where did that get him?

Swedish born, American native singer and songwriter Eagle-Eye Lanoo Cherry (b.1968) actually went down the road of acting before he settled into a music career in the late 1990’s. He made his debut, aged 19, in the sequel to the 1981 smash hit, ‘Arthur’, ‘Arthur 2: On The Rocks’, in 1988, the same year that his half-sister Neneh was conquering the music charts with her debut single, “Buffalo Stance”. More big screen notoriety followed with a role in the 1989 Tom Cruise film, ‘Born On The Fourth Of July’ and he followed this with ‘The Doors’ in 1991. But music was where his heart lie. As the son on Jazz artist Don Cherry (1936-1995) and with his sister bagging big hit singles with “Manchild” and “Woman”, Eagle-Eye returned to his native Stockholm to advance his own career.


That began in 1996 with a signing to Polydor Records and in October 1997, his first single, “Save Tonight”, was ready for release. The song became an instant hit around the world, peaking at No.5 in America and No.6 in the UK, whilst making No.2 in his homeland of Sweden. It was followed just weeks later by his album, “Desireless”, which would go on to sell over four million copies globally, a million of which came from America. The album would produce a further UK top ten hit with “Falling In Love Again” (No.8) and the singles “When Mermaids Cry” (Sweden only) and “Permanent Tears” (UK only). Wasting no time at all, Eagle-Eye was back in his bedroom, writing for the follow up, which would arrive at the turn of the new century, but not before co-writing the song “Wishing It Was” for US rock band Santana’s 1999 album, “Supernatural”.

“Are You Still Having Fun?” was the question posed in April 2000 as Eagle-Eye made his own chart return with the lead single from “Living In The Present Future”, which would gain top ten success in Sweden, France and Switzerland, although it would seem that the American market was not as interested in this as much as his first. The album was notable for one song, “Long Way Around”, which was co-written and co-performed with none other than Neneh herself. The song was released as a single but was only a minor hit. Eagle-Eye, however, was back in 2003 with his third album, “Sub Rosa”, which featured the single, “Skull Tattoo”. Both again were not as successful as previous works and shortly after, Eagle-Eye dropped out of sight for a number of years.


He was back in 2012 with a new album and a single, both titled “Can’t Get Enough”, the same years he hooked up with veteran Swedish composer and artist Tomas Ledin for the song, “As One”. He returned to the singles chart for the first time in fourteen years in 2014 with another Swedish songwriter and producer, Darin, for the hit “Dream Away”. In 2018, Eagle-Eye re-recorded his best known hit, “Save Tonight”, as the prelude fort the release of his fifth studio album, “Streets Of You”, which followed later that year, along with the title track released as a single. He hooked up with German producer Thomas Gold the following year for “Get Up” and, eager and ready with new material, has just released (2021) a brand new track, “I Like It”, in readiness for his next album, which should follow later in 2021 or early 2022.

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