COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Never Let Her Slip Away’

The song, “Never Let Her Slip Away”, was originally recorded by Andrew Gold in 1978

Singer and songwriter Andrew Gold (1951-2011) wrote the song “Never Let Her Slip Away” for his second studio album, “All This And Heaven Too”, in 1978. The track features backing vocals from Freddie Mercury of Queen, Eagles songwriter J. D. Souther (b.1945) and Eagles bassist Timothy Schmit (b.1947) and was released as the fourth and final single from the album in June 1978. It peaked at No.5 in the UK and No.67 in America as well as being a modest hit in Australia, Canada and The Netherlands.

British covers band, Undercover, who had a big hit in 1992 with “Baker Street“, followed that with a cover of “Never Let Her Slip Away” in November the same year, produced by group member Steve Mac and released on Pete Waterman‘s PWL International record label. Amazingly, this new version also peaked at No.5 in the UK, whilst becoming a top ten hit all across mainland Europe and finding favour with critics everywhere. The song was the group’s second and ultimately final UK top five hit.

But which version is the best? ANDREW GOLD’s original or UNDERCOVER’s…err…cover?(!)