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FRESH: ‘Been & Gone’ – Robert O’Connor

Robert O’Connor is back, with “Been & Gone”!


It’s been a little while since we last caught up with Robert O’Connor, following the release of “Over (Before It’s Begun)” and “Too Late” just over a year ago.

Since then, Robert has enjoyed his Summer with “Save You”, which was described as “Reminiscent of early ‘90s Pet Shop Boys”. The song peaked at No.2 on the LGBTQ Music Chart, Robert’s FIFTH top five hit there!

He’s now released his latest single, “Been & Gone”, along with a stunning new video and a number of mixes too, which accompany this poignant and sublime new offering. The track is produced by Gareth Shortland (Steps, Will Young), with vocal production by Richey McCourt (Aimée, Rebecca Ferguson) and is essentially a break-up anthem set to an emotionally-charged electronic soundscape, inspired by the sounds of Scandipop.

The video is simplistic yet beautiful as Robert tells his story without fanfare or without the need for big sets and vast production. The video itself is directed by Julyo and was shot by Dario Rodighiero. Mixes of “Been & Gone” come from Gareth Shortland himself, Fletz and Sakgra, with one track released each week between November 12th and 26th. Robert recently spoke of the song and of himself and his musical style:

“My music is celebratory of my influences, that’s what brings me joy, to make something that I enjoy listening to myself, that feels quintessentially me. ‘Been & Gone’ went through a series of identities before becoming what it is today. I brought the lyric and melody to my guitarist, Gavin Sheridan, we recorded a bare-bones demo that had a Fleetwood Mac feel to it and eventually sent it to Gareth (Shortland), who assembled this emotionally-charged electronic soundscape that’s inspired by the sounds of Scandipop. Richey (McCourt) really embraced the song and made little suggestions as we recorded, which I think made it even catchier – I joked to him that he’s a bit of a Max Martin character, he has a real pop sensibility about him!”.

See what you think of this latest addition to a growing and accomplished collection of songs, worthy of being heard by a wider audience from a very talented young man, who wears his heart on his sleeves and his voice in your head with each new recording. Robert O’Connor is a name to watch and listen to for a long time yet.

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