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One 2 Many, went “Downtown” in 1988 to the top of the singles chart, but the writing was on the wall soon after…

One 2 Many were a short-lived trio from Norway that consisted of Dag Kolsrud (keyboards), Jan Gisle Ytterdal (guitar) and Camilla Griehsel (vocals). They formed in 1987 and were signed to A&M Records. Having spent a year promoting on Norwegian and later European television, they released their debut single, “Downtown” (not the Petula Clark number) in October 1988. The song topped the singles chart in their home country and reached the top 40 in Belgium and The Netherlands, but stalled at No.65 in the UK.

The trio released their debut album, “Mirror”, a month later, which would eventually find its way to No.3 on the album chart. Three further tracks from “Mirror” were released separately, “Another Man”, Writing On The Wall” and “Nearly There”, but none of these charted, even on home territory. There was one, brief and small silver lining for One 2 Many in 1989 when “Downtown” saw a re-issue in the UK. This time it reached a new high of No.43, whilst at the same time making an appearance on the US singles chart, making No.37! The writing was on the wall for One 2 Many and not from above as the three friends parted ways and disbanded later in 1989.

Dag Kolsrud went on to form a number of bands in the 1990’s before pursuing a solo career. Today he works with Norway’s biggest music export, a-ha, as their musical director! Jan Gisle Ytterdal formed the bands Oceans Apart and Glow in the 90’s before becoming something of a semi-professional cyclist. Camilla Griehsel married Colin Vearncombe aka Black (“Wonderful Life”) in 1990 and the couple remained together until his death in January 2016. She has also recorded and performs opera music and in 2008, released her album, “Rum And Chocolate”.

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