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CHARTS: UK Top 40 Singles Chart 21st January 1986

UK Top 40 Singles Chart for Tuesday 21st January 1986

So this was the chart that Radio 1 DJ Richard Skinner broadcast from 5-7pm with data from the GALLUP computer based on record sales from Wednesday 15th to Monday 20th January 1986.

This is how the charts USED to look with new entries, climbers and non-movers, all based solely on record purchases.
This week, there were nine new entrys, thirteen climbers and two non-movers! And it was announced like this…

40. Princess – “After The Love Has Gone”
Princess may wonder what happens after the love has gone, but what happens after this single has gone from the top 40? She’s down ten places this week.

39. Amazulu – “Don’t You Just Know It”
Amazulu are down eleven with their latest offering, which racks up seven weeks inside the top 40, their second to make it this far.

38. Lloyd Cole and The Commotions – “Cut Me Down”
Out first new entry this week comes from Lloyd Cole and The Commotions, back with another single from their album last year, “Easy Pieces”.

37. Kurtis Blow – “If I Ruled The World…”
American artist, Kurtis Blow, was last in the UK top 40 back in 1979 with “Christmas Rappin'”, his debut single. He’s released a few since then, but none of them have done as well as this new entry today.

36. Whitney Houston – “How Will I Know?”
Whitney Houston can join the ranks of other artists in having two songs on the chart this week. This one is a new entry and it’s another from her self-titled debut album.

35. Starship – “We Built This City”
Meanwhile, Starship are down eleven places, building their city somewhere else, as it looks like this could be the last week in the UK top 40…

34. Belouis Some – “Imagination”
Belouis Some is better known to his friends and family as Neville Keighley. He made his chart debut last year with “Some People” and follows that with a second top 40 entry this week.

33. Wham – “I’m Your Man”
Wham no longer have two songs in the top 40, this is the only one that’s left as their Christmas single leaves us and so does this one nearly with a fall of six places, ten weeks after it joined us.

32. Madonna – “Dress You Up”
Madonna is down eleven places after a hefty fall this time last week with her most recent release…although I have a strange feeling we may hear from her a little bit later…(!)

31. James Brown – “Living In America”
The mighty James Brown is back in the UK singles chart for the first time in ten years and it’s with a song from the soundtrack of the latest Rocky movie, ‘Rocky IV’, which has been written by Dan “Instant Replay” Hartman!

30. Aled Jones – “Walking In The Air”
The Christmas songs are gradually melting away and Aled Jones’ snowman certainly is this week with a drop of twelve places.

29. Clannad featuring Bono – “In A Lifetime”
Clannad are back in the top 40 this week with guest singer Bono from U2 in tow for this collaboration which sees the “Harry’s Game” group join with a new entry.

28. Billy Ocean – “When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going”
Also back is Billy Ocean with this new entry which is the first new material from a brand new album he has coming out this year and marks his first top 40 showing since “Suddenly”, last year.

27. King – “Torture”
It’s been torture for King with the release of this single, just to see how far it gets. Well, it peaked last week as the song drops back four places.

26. Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin – “Separate Lives”
Meanwhile, Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin continue to lead separate lives, now separate from the upper half of the chart, as their duet goes down seven places.

25. Elton John – “Wrap Her Up”
Elton John’s latest release tumbles further, with a fall of nine places as he too exits the top twenty with his last single release of 1985.

24. AC/DC – “Shake Your Foundations”
Australian rockers AC/DC enjoy a great second week, following their return to the UK singles chart seven days ago. This track is up a whole ten places.

23. Talk Talk – “Life’s What You Make It”
Talk Talk offer some sound advice next with their latest recording, which is a new entry this week and brings them back to the top 40 for the first time since “Today” in 1982.

22. The Alarm – “Spirit Of ’76”
The Alarm celebrate the spirit of a time ten years ago with their latest single, which came into the chart last week and moves up seven places in week two.

21. Sarah Brightman and Steve Harley – “The Phamtom Of The Opera”
Stage stars Sarah Brightman and Steve Harley brought the West End to the singles chart last week with the title theme from Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s latest musical and it’s heading for top of the bill with a climb of eleven places this week.

20. Grace Jones – “Pull Up To The Bumper”
Former Bond villain Grace Jones certainly had an explosive 1985 and she looks set to continue that into 1986 as her latest single soars up twenty places to be this week’s highest climber!

19. Whitney Houston – “Saving All My Love For You”
Whitney Houston’s second single on the chart is her former number one, which has left the top ten for the first time in two months and sinks ten places in all.

18. Jennifer Rush – “Ring Of Ice”
Jennifer Rush is reduced to one song on the chart this week and that’s not doing too well either as she falls four places with it.

17. Level 42 – “Leaving Me Now”
Level 42 burst into the upper section of the chart last week and it seems that was all they could manage as their latest release goes down two places.

16. Sophia George – “Girlie Girlie”
Also sliding is the debut single from Sophia George, which was a non-mover in the top ten last week and drops out this week, down nine places.

15. Madonna – “Borderline”
I did say Madonna could be back earlier and here she is! Back with a re-release of a 1984 single which failed to make the top 40 here then, but does so second time around and not only that, it’s also this week’s highest new entry!

14. Sting – “Russians”
The Russians are what Sting has been occupied with of late and they have taken him higher than any of the previous releases from his most recent album, although they all run out of puff this week as the song slips back two places.

13. Five Star – “System Addict”
Five Star enjoyed being the highest new entrants for the very first time last week with this cut from their debut album, and move into the top twenty in week two with a climb of nine places.

12. Eurythmics – “It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back)”
The Eurythmics were one of last week’s two joint highest climbers with their latest release from the album, “Be Yourself Tonight”, and improve upon that with a climb of two more places this week.

11. Aretha Franklin – “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?”
Aretha Franklin, on the other hand, also zoomed up the chart last week with her latest and biggest hit of this decade, but seems to have run out of zoom as the single stalls for a second week in the same spot.

10. Fine Young Cannibals – “Suspicious Minds”
The hit that Elvis made famous and was then brought back by Willie Nelson, returns to the UK top ten once more, this time from the Fine Young Cannibals, as their version moves up seven places this week.

9. Full Force – “Alice, I Want You Just For Me”
Full Force are enjoying an every higher chart position this week, even if it’s only one place more than they reached this time last week.

8. Nana Mouskouri – “Only Love”
Greek singer Nana Mouskouri made her chart return here in the UK last week with the title track of a new album she has coming out soon and it seems we are glad about that as the song rockets up seventeen places and into the top ten!

7. Bronski Beat – “Hit That Perfect Beat”
No number one for Bronski Beat this time as their latest drops back four places and out of the running for this week’s best seller.

6. Alexander O’Neal and Cherrelle – “Saturday Night”
That also goes for American singers Alexander O’Neal and Cherrelle, although their duet isn’t going down…and it’s not going up either!

5. Feargal Sharkey – “You Little Thief”
Feargal Sharkey returned to the top ten last week, but is now reduced to one song in the top 40, and that’s not going anywhere either!

4. Mr. Mister – “Broken Wings”
American group Mr. Mister made their UK top ten debut last week with this single, the first to come from a new album they released in The States last year. Three weeks in and they are heading for the top, where they finished up only a few months ago, which this rise of four places.

3. Pet Shop Boys – “West End Girls”
We have a new number one this week as the Pet Shop Boys drop down two places, having been on the very top for the past two weeks, with they re-issued debut single.

2. Dire Straits – “Walk Of Life”
Dire Straits have another great week, on top of their joint highest climber from last week, moving up two places, which equals the band’s previous best, “Private Investigations”, back in 1982.

1. a-ha – “The Sun Always Shines On TV”
a-ha‘s debut, which left us this week, fell one place short of the top spot here in the UK, but the follow up doesn’t as the Norwegian boys move up one more spot to claim this week’s best seller! But can they keep it, or will Dire Straits or Mr. Mister, bag their very first UK number one? There is only one way to find out…

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