cyndi lauper true colors

COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘True Colors’

The song, “True Colors”, was originally recorded by Cyndi Lauper in 1986

Tom Kelly (b.1952) and Billy Steinberg (b.1950) – who also wrote “I Drove All Night” – wrote the song, “True Colors”, for Cyndi Lauper‘s 1986 studio album of the same name. The track was the lead single, of course, from the project and was released in August that year, topping the US singles chart – where it sold over a million copies – as well as in Canada and was a top ten hit in most of the rest of the world, except the UK, where it stopped short, reaching No.12.

Other artists have recorded their own versions over the years, but the most prominant came from British singer, Phil Collins, in 1998. He made a version for his best of album, “…Hits” and released it as a single in October that year, reaching No.26 in the UK. His version made No.2 on the US Adult Contemparary chart and No.3 on the Canadian AC chart, although it only made No.40 on the Canadian single sales chart and not in the United States. It was a top ten hit in Poland, Hungary and Belgium, however!

But which version is the best? CYNDI’s original or PHIL’s cover?