Will Young 2002

THEN & NOW: ‘Evergreen’ – Will Young

Will Young recently gave a live performance of his very first single, “Evergreen”, which along with “Anything Is Possible”, formed his double A sider debut release in February 2002, having won the 2001 series of Pop Idol.

“Evergreen” was actually a cover, having originally been recorded by Westlife for their 2001 album, “World Of Our Own”. The song was written by Jörgen Elofsson (Kelly Clarkson), Per Magnusson (Westlife) and David Kreuger, responsible for every one of Sweden’s entries into the Eurovision Song Contest since 2012!

Will took “Evergreen” and Anything Is Possible” to the top of the charts in the UK and sold 1.7 million copies of it, launching a remarkable career for Will that now spans two decades, so it was with affection that he should revisit his very first single and offer a new interpretation of it, twenty years on.

“Evergreen” 2002

“Evergreen” 2022

“20 Years: The Greatest Hits” of Will Young will be released on 22nd May. Will will be touring the UK this Summer and Autumn.