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FRESH: ‘Same Pain’ – Judy Cheeks

Judy Cheeks shares her “Same Pain”

Country, Blues, R&B

Our good friend Judy Cheeks returns today with her brand new single, “Same Pain”, following in the footsteps of her poignant track from last year, “Within“.

Judy has once again worked with close friend and producer, Shaun O’Shea, to come up with a song that seems right for the times we now live in. Judy deals with the ‘same pain’ we all know all too well.

The song once again follows “Within” with a mostly Country feel but with a definite Blues/Soul/R&B feel to it. Think young Tina Turner. Judy, of course, stamps this tune with her own unique vocal as you feel the passion and drama of her own frustrations at the world today, reminding us that no matter what pain we are all experiencing currently, “the tears all fall the same”.

“How did we ever let it get this far?”

The message of love and sharing is what drives Judy, but as she glides us through life’s ups and down that we all encounter at some point, she reminds us that tears should be shared and not ignored. Judy herself was moved to tears when she formed the charity, SOM (School of Miracles), where she taught inner city children in London how to create, produce and perform their own music. Her tears were of hope as well as excitement as the children expressed their dreams that had not previously been able or strong enough to do. Judy’s message is now also very prominent in her home in Houston, Texas, where she works with children in homeless shelters who share the same passion and dreams.

Once again, Judy shows her commitment as a gifted songwriter and vocalist, hardly surprising with over five decades to draw upon. But while many of her peers have either taken a step back or continue to dominate the spotlight, Judy prefers to release each new recording to a select and knowing fanbase. Those who have followed her own journey and are aware of each and every step she has taken through life, love, heartbreak and above all, the strength to carry on and the fight for life itself. For that, we all share the same pain, hopes and prayers for survival.

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