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THEN & NOW: Pet Shop Boys and Soft Cell

Two iconic 80’s pop duo’s have finally got together and recorded a track. Dave Ball and Marc Almond – Soft Cell, Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant – Pet Shop Boys, have just released “Purple Zone”!

With a combined age of 251, the newly formed ‘quartet’ have taken their time to join forces for this electro-synth slice of classic power pop with all the usual trademarks of both acts thrown in just so you know exactly where you are.

Soft Cell made their name in 1981 with their cover of “Tainted Love” while it was in 1985 that the Pet Shop Boys first gained success with “West End Girls”. Both are still recording together with Soft Cell recently releasing the new track, “Happiness Not Included”, while Chris and Neil have worked with Years and Years on their version of “It’s A Sin” shortly after releasing their last studio album, “Hotspot“.

Soft Cell 1982

Pet Shop Boys 1985

Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boys 2022

The Pet Shop Boys will tour this Summer with “Dreamworld: The Greatest Hits Live”
Soft Cell release their new album, “Happiness Not Included”, on 6th May