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CHARTS: UK Top 40 Singles Chart 22nd March 1992

UK Top 40 Singles Chart for Sunday 22nd March 1992

So this was the chart that Radio 1 DJ Bruno Brookes broadcast from 4:30-7pm with data from the GALLUP computer based on record sales from Monday 16th to Saturday 21st March 1992.

This is how the charts USED to look with new entries, climbers and non-movers, all based solely on record purchases.
This week, thirty years ago, there were thirteen new entrys, nine climbers and three non-movers! And it was announced like this…

40. Ten Sharp – “You”
There is a skip full of new entries this week and we kick off with a UK chart debut for Dutch band Ten Sharp, who formed in 1982 but only recorded their debut album last year. This is the lead single and it’s already been a top three hit across mainland Europe.

39. Skin Up – “A Juicy Red Apple”
Apple peeled, Skin Up goes down this week with his UK top 40 debut, seven places in fact after three weeks on the chart.

38. Madness – “It Must Be Love”
Madness take a much bigger tumble with the re-issue of their 1981 top five hit, which slides eighteen places having spent seven weeks on the top 40 this time.

37. Gun – “Steal Your Fire”
And its curtains for Gun as their newest single drops thirteen places after three weeks on the chart. The band’s new album, “Gallus”, is out in two weeks time.

36. Vanessa Williams – “Save The Best For Last”
Vanessa Williams is an American actress turned singer who has already clocked up a number of hits there since the mid-80’s. Now she’s aiming for success here with this new entry, which has been written by Jon Lind, also behind Madonna‘s “Crazy For You”.

35. Spinal Tap – “Bitch School”
US band Spinal tap also bag a new entry and their very first here in the UK, since the group was formed by comedians Michael McKean, Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer back in 1979!

34. Joe Cocker – “(All I Know) Feels Like Forever”
Joe Cocker goes up, Joe Cocker comes down. Joe Cocker goes up…and this week he’s down again! His latest falls nine places this week.

33. Nirvana – “Come As You Are”
Falling twenty one places this week is the second UK single to make the top 40 from America band, Nirvana, taken from their album, “Nevermind”.

32. Guns’N’Roses – “November Rain”
Behind them is another US rock/metal band, Guns’N’Roses, who have been enjoying UK chart success since the Autumn of 1988. Their latest also suffers a hefty drop of eighteen places this week.

31. Prince – “Money Don’t Matter 2 Night”
Prince and his New Power Generation band are back with another slice off the “Diamonds And Pearls” album with this new entry, the fourth track to be lifted from the LP.

30. Shawn Christopher – “Don’t Lose The Magic”
Shawn Christopher made her UK chart debut all on her own this time last week, having supported a number of other artists during the 1980’s. The single moves up three places in week two.

29. Kym Sims – “Take My Advice”
We welcome back Kym Sims, who made her debut at the end of last year with “Too Blind To See It”, which spent many weeks in the top ten, mostly as a non-mover. Can this new entry follow suit and do the same…?

28. The Lightning Seeds – “The Life Of Riley”
Living the life of Riley are The Lightning Seeds with their first single to make the top 40 since “Pure” in 1989. Their newest climbs eleven places this week.

27. New Atlantic – “I Know”
New Atlantic ‘know’. What do they know? One thing I know is that their very first chart hit is going down ten places after five weeks on the chart.

26. Roxette – “Church Of Your Heart”
Per and Marie of Roxette are back with a new entry this week and another track from last year’s album, “Joyride”. This gives the duo five UK top thirty hits from the album!

25. Tori Amos – “Winter”
American singer Tori Amos makes her UK chart debut this week. She’s recently released her debut album, “Little Earthquakes”, Stateside and after a handful of singles, makes the top 40 here with the second single from that album.

24. U2 – “One”
There are big changes coming in the upper half of the chart this week as another band endure a big drop. This time it’s U2 as their “One” leaves the top ten and falls fifteen places.

23. Salt’N’Pepa – “Expression”
Salt’N’Pepa return to the chart this week with this new entry which the group hope to make at least their fourth top twenty hit here from the album, “Black’s Magic”.

22. Opus III – “It’s A Fine Day”
Opus III‘s fine day seems to be clouding over now as their debut release sinks twelve places to leave the top ten and the top twenty at the same time.

21. Cliville and Cole – “A Deeper Love”
Formerly C&C Music Factory, now just Robert Clivilles and David Cole, the production pair are also out of the upper half of the chart with their latest going down a more leisurely six places.

20. Manic Street Preachers – “Slash’N’Burn”
We start the top twenty with a new entry from the Manic Street Preachers with their highest yet and looking to beat “You Love Us”, which peaked four places higher, two months ago.

19. Wet Wet Wet – “More Than Love”
Moving into the twenty are Wet Wet Wet with the follow up to their last single, which peaked much higher. At number one in fact. They go up three places this week.

18. Toxic Two – “Rave Generator”
Toxic Two are the highest act from the PWL International label on this week’s chart, although their release goes down five places.

17. Lisa Stansfield – “Time To Make You Mine”
Lisa Stansfield will be pleased as her latest goes up four places to give her a third top twenty hit from her latest album, “Real Love”, and the second highest so far!

16. Hammer – “Do Not Pass Me By”
How could we forget you MC?! Hammer time sees the rapper’s latest song go up three places following last week’s new entry.

15. Liquid – “Sweet Harmony” EP
Chart newcomers Liquid scored a big new entry last week with this collection of tracks and seven days on, they go up three places.

14. The KLF – “America: What Time Is Love?”
The KLF make way for a virtually new top ten this week as they dramatically leave with their re-boot of an earlier hit, which slides ten places.

13. The Temptations – “My Girl”
And following them, also down ten places, are The Temptations, having been top three for a whole month now, as the title track from the film of the same name drops out.

12. Erasure – “Breath Of Life”
Vince and Andy return to the chart this week with this new entry and the fourth single so far to come from their last album, “Chorus“. We last heard from them with “Am I Right?” at the end of last year.

11. Bruce Springsteen – “Human Touch”
Bruce Springsteen made his UK chart return last week after nearly three years away and this is the lead single from the first of two albums coming out this year. Alas, it stalls in week two as a non-mover.

10. Crowded House – “Weather With You”
The biggest hit from Australian band Crowded House has been in the top ten for three weeks now but appears to have peaked as it drops back three places.

9. Annie Lennox – “Why?”
We kick off three new entries in the top ten this week with the solo debut of former Eurythmic Annie Lennox making a bold entrance with her very first single on her own. This is the lead track from her first album that is coming out next month and marks her return to the chart since “Angel” with Dave Stewart, two years ago.

8. The Cure – “High”
Also making their chart comeback are The Cure, and after a number of remixes and re-releases, this time the band have new music to offer, their first since their 1989 album, “Disintegration”.

7. Shanice – “I Love Your Smile”
American debuter Shanice has been riding high in the UK top three, much higher than this song reached Stateside. But the 19 year old slides out and down five places this week.

6. Def Leppard – “Let’s Get Rocked”
This week’s highest new entry comes from another band on the return and it’s Sheffield rock group Def Leppard. They also have a new album coming, the follow up to their massive “Hysteria” of 1987. The band were last in the top 40 with “Rocket” back in early 1989.

5. Eric Clapton – “Tears In Heaven”
Eric Clapton’s biggest chart hit since “I Shot The Sheriff”, eighteen years ago, moved into the top five last week. But that’s where he stays as a non-mover.

4. Right Said Fred – “Deeply Dippy”
Overtaking him are Right Said Fred, who are this week’s highest climbers of twelve places, with their third single, which also becomes their third top five hit now.

3. Mr. Big – “To Be With You”
American band Mr. Big moved into the top ten last week and take their very first UK charting single even higher this week, up five more places and into the big three.

2. Ce Ce Peniston – “Finally”
Meanwhile, last week’s highest new entry came from Ce Ce Peniston with a second go at her debut release from last year. She’s up four places and she could go even further next week…

1. Shakespear’s Sister – “Stay”
But for this week and a SIXTH, it’s Shakespear’s Sister who ‘stay’ on top of the board with the longest reigning number one since Bryan Adams last year. Can they match or even beat him. Week seven next week, or could it be Ce Ce, Mr. Big or Right Said Fred that stop them? There’s only one way to find out…

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