ORIGINAL vs REMIX: ‘Right Here’ – SWV

The song, “Right Here”, was recorded by SWV in 1992

American trio SWV (Sisters With Voices – Cheryl ‘Coko’ Gamble, Tamara ‘Taj’ George and Leanne ‘Lelee’ Lyons) made their debut on the music scene in 1992 with the song “Right Here”. Written by Brian Alexander Morgan, who had a hand in most of the tracks on the group’s first album, “Right Here” is a typical early 90’s R&B number which only got as far as No.92 on the US singles chart and No.13 on the R&B chart. The girls would enjoy better success with the top ten hit “I’m So Into You” and “Weak”, which went to number one at the beginning of 1993, however.

“Right Here” was not done with as producer Allen ‘Allstar’ Gordon found that if you worked in Michael Jackson’s 1982 top ten hit “Human Nature”, it lifted the song into a completely new dimension. SWV were initally unsure of this remix but nevertheless agreed to its release. They had no need to fear as the ‘new’ “Right Here (Human Nature mix)” proved an enormous smash that Summer, peaking at No.2 on the singles chart and No.1 on the dance chart. This new version also gave the trio a huge hit internationally, particularly in the UK, where it went to No.3 and became one of the biggest sellers of the year.

But which version is the best? The original or the Human Nature remix?