kylie on a night like this

COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘On A Night Like This’

The song, “On A Night Like This”, was originally recorded by Pandora in 1999

Pop tune, “On A Night Like This”, was written by Steve Torch, Graham Stack, Mark Taylor and Brian Rawling of production team METRO, and was recorded by Swedish singer Pandora (real name Anneli Magnusson) for her sixth studio album, “No Regrets”, in 1999. The song and the album were generally bypassed but Pandora has since performed it live, no doubt owing to the attention the song was to be given at the turn of the new century…

Just twelve months later, “On A Night Like This” was given to Kylie Minogue for her comeback album, “Light Years“. It was actually a last minute addition and it was scheduled as the second single, instead of “Your Disco Needs You”, in September 2000. With a sexy video featuring Dutch actor Rutger Hauer, Kylie took “On A Night Like This” to the top of the Australian singles chart and to No.2 in the UK, where it received a Silver certification while globally “On A Night Like This” became a huge hit and also a staple of almost every Kylie tour embarked on ever since.

Pandora ‘reclaimed’ the song in 2007 when a new mix with production team United DJ’s was released for her best of, “Celebration”. This was released commercially and reached No.3 on the Swedish singles chart. More recently, in 2022, former Norwegian Eurovision stars Keiino have recorded the song as one of a number of cover versions the group are amassing following their previous successes with Whitney’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers Licence”.

But which version is the best? PANDORA’s original, KYLIE’s smash hit or KEiiNO’s cover?