BERRi saw the sunshine after the rain, but little else after that. Or did she…?

BERRi was the stage name of Rebecca Sleight (b. York, 1974). Aged 21, Merseyside producers Richard Lloyd and Cameron Saunders, known as New Atlantic, produced her debut single, a cover of a 1968 Ellie Greenwich recording, “Sunshine After The Rain”. New Atlantic had achieved chart success in 1992 with “I Know” (UK No.12) and were becoming one of the names for new artists and singers to work with. While not being a top 40 hit for Greenwich, Elkie Brooks recorded “Sunshine After The Rain” in 1977 for her album “Two Days Away” and released it as a single, taking it into the UK top ten.

BERRi’s “Sunshine After The Rain” was released in late 1994 and was credited as New Atlantic featuring BERRi. The song got to No.26 but after a re-issue in August 1995, this time promoted to BERRi alone, and with the help of plenty of radio play, this time it broke the top five and peaked at No.4 on the singles chart and No.3 on the UK dance chart, where it holds a Silver certification for sales of more than 200,000 copies. The song was also a hit in Australia and on the European Hot 100 singles chart (No.23). BERRi followed this with “Shine Like A Star” in November 1995 which reached No.20 in the UK, but fared not so well elsewhere. She released her debut album, “About Time”, in 1996, but this also was not a commercial success.

For the rest of the 90’s, BERRi lent her vocals to a number of club hits and moved into clubland itself in the 00’s singing live at festivals and dance gigs across the UK. She has been generally quiet of recent years, but rumour has it that she has reunited with Richard Lloyd of New Atlantic and they are working on new material! We’ve had plenty of rain of late, so perhaps it is time for some sunshine now…?(!)

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