tom aspaul

COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Indiana/Feels So Good’

The song, “Indiana”, was originally recorded by Tom Aspaul in 2013

Slow-moving pop/dance number, “Indiana”, was the debut release from UK singer and songwriter, Tom Aspaul (b.1986), in 2013. The song was released as a ‘feeler’ track and won praise and attention, particularaly within the LGBT community and was followed by Tom’s first ‘mixtape’, “Revelation” in 2015, the EP, “LEFT”, in 2016 and his debut album, “Black Country Disco”, in 2020. Tom will release his new album, “Life In Plastic”, in 2022.

One person who did take note of “Indiana” was Kylie Minogue, who recorded the song in a different key and retitled it “Feels So Good” for her 2014 studio album, “Kiss Me Once“. Although not released as a single, it quickly became a popular track among fans and is cited as a standout on the album. “Kiss Me Once” went to No.1 in Australia, No.2 in the UK and No.31 in America upon release.

But which version of the song is the best? TOM ASPAUL’s “Indiana” or KYLIE’s “Feels So Good”?