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THEN & NOW: ‘Slow’ – Kylie Minogue

There is a growing list of different incarnations of Kylie’s 2003 number one hit, “Slow”, showing just how diverse the song is to multiple genres. “Slow” was the opener to Kylie’s ninth studio album, “Body Language“, and topped the charts in Australia, Denmark, Spain, Romania and the UK as well as the US Club chart.

Kylie quickly established it as a staple of her live shows and the song featured in her 2004 and 2006 Showgirl tours. For her 2010 tour in support of the “Aphrodite” album, Kylie took “Slow” to the theatre, just as she had done a few years earlier with “Better The Devil You Know”, although the final choruses saw the speed of the song change completely into an electro-synth anthem.

For her “Golden” tour, “Slow” went rock as guitars blasted the song in the run up to her next number, “Kids”, while in 2019 to support her “Step Back In Time” greatest hits album, Kylie put a fresh twist of 80’s electro over the song when she performed it on a number of key TV programmes.

“Slow’s” most recent ‘jacket’ has seen the track taken to the disco when Kylie performed it for her streamed Infinite Disco set against a backdrop of 70’s glitz and panache as Kylie also, cleverly, paid homage to the Queen of Disco herself, Donna Summer and worked in a couple of bars of “I…love to love you baby”. Will you sing it with me…

“Slow” 2003

“Slow” 2010

“Slow” 2019

“Slow” 2021

Check out Kylie’s Infinite Disco soundtrack, available now on vinyl and also the visual performance on the “Disco – Guest List Edition