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REVIEW: ‘Disco: Guest List Edition’ – Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue – “Disco: Guest List Edition”

Just a year after the release of Kylie’s fourteenth studio album, “Disco“, an expanded edition of the album has been issued, taking in three new collaborations, “Real Groove”, with Dua Lipa and a number of mixes of “Magic“, “Say Something” and “Dance Floor Darling”. And as if that were not enough, Kylie has also thrown in her Infinite Disco performance on DVD/Blu Ray AND a whole album of extended versions of the twelve tracks on the original standard album! Phew!

Having yet been able to tour the “Disco” album, Kylie has spent most of 2021 pressing grapes while the album has continued to perform well on digital and streaming, clocking up over 100,000,000 plays on Spotify alone, while the videos for the two main singles, particularly “Magic”, have also remained consistently popular throughout this period.

So let’s pick up the new bundle from where the last one left off and examine what extras are on offer and how it all adds to the ultimate, definitive, Disco experience:

Kylie Disco
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17. A Second To Midnight

We’ve already featured “A Second To Midnight“, with Olly Alexander of Years & Years, when it was released. This is a nice slice of modern pop, which perhaps strays a little from the album concept, but offers a brief respite from the headiness of Kylie’s disco fantasia. The song proved popular upon release, chalking up streams of over a million and two million YouTube views in its first week. The song missed the UK top 100 singles chart, but did reach No.13 on the single sales chart and No.26 on the US Club chart.

18. Kiss Of Life

Kylie’s second collaboration on this expanded edition sees her join forces with British singer Jessie Ware, whose 2020 electro-disco album, “What’s Your Pleasure”, is not to be missed! “Kiss Of Life” returns to the Disco theme and with some added funk and sass into the mix with a rather odd accompanying video, something very different to anything Kylie has been seen in before. The style and sound of this song found favour with die-hard Kylie fans, offering something a bit more sophisticated than the previous “Disco” served up.

19. Can’t Stop Writing Songs About You

The funk and sass continue with “Can’t Stop Writing Songs About You”, which continues the more pop orientated theme of this ‘extra’ album. Gloria arrives in verse two and makes her mark with her R&B style vocals as the two very different vocal styles compete and vie against each other for the final chorus. Perhaps not what I thought would happen with a Gloria Gaynor collaboration but it’s sweet and acceptable and, of course, a big name to add to this re-packaged and expanded edition.

20. Real Groove (Studio 2054 remix)

Kylie’s re-recording with Dua Lipa of the album track, “Real Groove”, was a highlight of the Christmas period promotion of the original “Disco” album and saw release at the beginning of January 2021 as a single, breaking the UK top 100 singles chat and peaking at No.15 on the US club chart, the strongest, so far, of all the singles to come from this album. Like Jessie Ware, Kylie and Dua perfectly compliment each other with Dua easing into the groove that was premiered on Dua’s Studio 2054 livestream concert that also featured Elton John and Miley Cyrus.

21. Say Something (Basement Jaxx remix)

Basement Jaxx really up the pace of “Say Something” with this fast moving disco-dance remix of “Say Something” that elevates the song away from the epic tones of the original version.

22. Say Something (F9 Club Mix)

Meanwhile, F9, take “Say Something” into club territory with a much longer remix that also incorporates much of the backing tracks from the original, but again at a much quicker pace.

23. Say Something (Syn Cole Extended remix)

Syn Cole is next up with his version of “Say Something”, that follows on nicely from the Basement Jaxx version, stripped back and heavy on beat, almost in dub form.

24. Magic (Purple Disco Machine Extended remix)

There’s a real disco flavour to the Purple Disco Machine remix of “Magic” that really pushes the song further onto that multi-coloured dance floor with plenty of overtures and nods to early 90’s club/dance anthems as well as a hint of PWL in there too! Awesome.

25. Real Groove (Studio 2054 Initial Talk remix with Dua Lipa)

…and that continues with this remix of “Real Groove” from Initial Talk that could have sprung out of 1988 with ease and been a really big hit from Kylie’s very first studio album! Think Sabrina’s “All Of Me” and you’re almost there!

26. Dance Floor Darling (Linslee’s Electric Slide remix)

We are treated to an electro mix of one of the very best tracks on “Disco” next, that cries out for single release complete with video. The emphatic “Dance Floor Darling” is also given a 1980’s electro/synth makeover from Linslee Campbell and will help those working out at the gym to keep pace and end a good workout!

This is a welcome ‘expansion’ of Kylie’s number one album from 2020 with some great remixes and some good new tracks with friends both best and new-found. With Gloria Gaynor having given her blessing to the original album upon release, it seemed only appropriate to approach the great lady of Disco herself to perform a new song, thus enforcing Kylie’s own status as Disco Queen of the 21st century and re-igniting Gloria’s own flame to a new generation of disco followers.

This re-packaged edition, which includes Infinite Disco, completes and rounds off this era in Kylie’s career and will wet appetites for a live “Disco” experience very soon. The album will appeal to all Kylie fans and a must in their collection, if only to watch that livesteam concert over and over (and her vocals on “Say Something” are a highlight). But you do get the feeling of wanting more with this ‘experience’. If only there had been a contribution with Nile Rodgers or Jellybean, or perhaps even Grace Jones…! Maybe next time… 😉

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