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FRESH: ‘Kiss Of Life’ – Kylie Minogue and Jessie Ware

Kylie and Jessie Ware storm the floor with “Kiss Of Life”!


Faster than a speeding bullet, Kylie drops another new track from her upcoming “Disco: Guest List Edition” expanded release and she hooks up with Jessie Ware this time for a thumping trip back to 1977!

“Kiss Of Life” IS disco funk extreme and to the max! This packs a punch and a half and gets the disco theme back on the railroad and off to discoland c.1977 with funk, sass and sparkle in big doses from beginning to end!

Kylie’s collaboration with Britain’s Jessie Ware has paid off and it’s hardly surprising after Jessie’s last electro-disco themed album, “What’s Your Pleasure?” (2020) really moved and grooved from track to track (I personally recommend “Spotlight”!), this seems the natural progression for her as she joins the new Queen of Disco herself, Kylie! Both artists smoulder against the backdrop of a true (or should that be real) disco groove with vocals purring at lines like “cherry syrup on my tongue” and clear instructions to enjoy “all night dancing” and to “free your mind”. The song has been written by Kylie and Jessie along with James Ford, Danny Parker and Shungudzo, who collaborated on “What’s Your Pleasure?”, so if you liked that, you will love this!

The video was shot at London’s stylish Ave Mario restaurant, filled with striking characters, and is once again directed by Kylie regular, Sophie Muller. The visual sees Kylie and Jessie feature alongside an array of captivatingly conspicuous individuals from Theo Adams Company, including London’s nightlife royalty, Princess Julia. Mirroring the disco-filled sound of “Kiss Of Life”, the video is brimming with glamour and chaos, transporting viewers into a Pedro Almodóvar inspired 1980s telenovela.

“Disco: Guest List Edition” is out on 12th November and we already have Kylie’s collaboration with Years & Years, “A Second To Midnight“, with the yet-to-come “Can’t Stop Writing Songs About You” with disco legend Gloria “I Will Survive” Gaynor up next. The album will feature these three new songs along with Kylie and Dua Lipa’s version of “Real Groove” as well as mixes of all the singles and the popular “Dance Floor Darling” to boot as we gear up for “Disco” part two to the end of 2021 and into 2022. “Kiss Of Life” is certainly full of life and will please any hardcore disco fan of yesteryear as Kylie continues to stir up memories of her own childhood as well as bringing the disco ‘magic’ to those who had yet to be born and a whole new generation of disco music lovers!

Sugar highs!

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