u2 1992

COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Even Better Than The Real Thing’

The song, “Even Better Than The Real Thing”, was originally recorded by U2 in 1991

“Even Better Than The Real Thing” was written by Bono and performed with the band U2 for their 1991 album, “Achtung Baby”. The song was released as the fourth single in June 1992 and reached No.12 in the UK and No.32 in America, and made the top twenty in a further fifteen countries worldwide.

Just four weeks later, a remixed dance version of the song was released, produced and mixed by DJ Paul Okenfold, under the banner of the Perfecto Mix. This bettered the original version, charting at No.8 in the UK and No.3 on the US dance chart, as well as making No.10 on the Irish singles chart, seven places lower than the album version had attained only a month earlier.

But which version is the best? The ALBUM version or the PERFECTO dance remix?

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