FRESH: ‘Heaven Feels Like’ – Bisola

Bisola wants to know what “Heaven Feels Like”

Soul, Gospel

Our dear friend, award-winning British singer and songwriter Bisola, follows up her most recent epic tune, “Let The Healing Begin“, with an emotive faith inspired track, “Heaven Feels Like”.

The song is a poignant yet hopeful song that beautifully articulates people’s perceptions and questions about heaven. The lyrics create powerful imagery which will light up your spirit and imagination.

Bisola has spoken to us about “Heaven Feels Like” and what it means to her:
“This is a song of affirmation which recognises that faith is a journey and there’s a reward at the end of it, so we mustn’t give up hope even when we experience knocks along the way. I hope this song inspires in all of us a sense of awe, wonder and expectation”.

The acoustic driven production of “Heaven Feels Like” is reminiscent of the hit “Known” by Tauren Wells. It’s stripped back arrangement provides the perfect backdrop to draw the listener in, helping them take in the soul stirring message of the song. The track is also help by the depth and richness of Bisola’s vocals which carry the song all the way through to the final strum. “Heaven Feels Like” is an uplifting offering that will deeply and joyfully connect with everyone.

Bisola once again proves she is on point with every career move and every new song she writes and records. With a growing and impressive back catalogue of anthems to drawn upon, Bisola strides out into the world, confident she is one of the most talented and impressive British, and indeed, one of the world’s most outstanding new vocal talents around. Make sure you check out all her previous offerings here and remember her name, as Bisola’s voice will capture you soon, if it hasn’t already!

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